A few steps towards the home buying process

Posted by Anne Watkins on September 16, 2020

A few steps towards the home buying process

With epic low interest rates now is your time to purchase a home. These steps will get you moving in the right direction.

There’s more to purchasing a property, but here’s an overview:  

  1. Consult with me, your realtor,Serving The Sound-HawkinsPoe
  2. Become pre-approved for a loan if needed
  3. Tour properties until you've selected one.
  4. Submit offer and negotiate terms.
  5. If terms are agreed upon proceed to inspection
  6. Inspect property. Negotiate what items the seller will address (if applicable).
  7. If terms are agreed upon, proceed to appraisal . If not, terminate and go back to touring properties
  8. Have the property appraised.
  9. Obtain the financial approval.
  10. Attend closing at selected title company.
  11. Transfer of ownership.
  12. Celebrate a successful closing! You're a home owner 😊

Do you have more questions? Unsure how to proceed? Call me! Let me guide you through the process of buying a home in the gorgeous PNW.




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