Posted by Anne Watkins on August 10, 2019


Wow moving is stressful! I’ve been helping a couple move almost all their belongings out of their beloved home they have shared for over 22 years. The sorting, deciding what to keep or give away, the process has been overwhelming at times. The memories made in this house burn deep inside them.

As we go through items , move furniture, clean, ask for help from friends , do repairs the exhaustion sets in. When that begins to happen we become depleted. The pains of the move start taking over and the feeling of “ I can’t do this anymore “ erupt.

With all this said , if you are beginning the process of moving , remember to think of the people whom you’ve shared your life with in that home which now you’re leaving. They have memories and have found comfort there. That home has a part of your heart and theirs. Remember that there is a common goal that you share. Try to work together , listen to the needs of your partner, take time to rest and reset and be thankful for them and those that have come to help.

It’s comforting to know the move will come to an end. Peace and joy are in the new beginnings. It just takes a little packing to get there.